Who works for AMI?

Development Officer

Scott Kirkhope - Development Officer


Rob Pugh - Chair

Nick Cannon Jones - Secretary

Karl Smith - Treasurer

Tony Halliwell

Anthony Eccles Charity and EDI Rep

Committee Members

Rob Pugh - Chair

Andy Barker - Chair Elect

Nick Cannon Jones - Secretary

Scott Kirkhope - Development Officer

Karl Smith - Treasurer

Tony Halliwell

Keith Ball - Professional Standards Chair

Matt Cooper - Communications Officer

Sam Percival - Brand Representative

Anthony Eccles Charity and EDI Rep

Craig Offless - Operations and Trainee Workshop Coordinator

Dave Hormigo - Insurance Rep

Peter Stollery - Professional Standards second standing officer

Tim Francis - Marketing Rep

Mark Garland - CPD and Regional Reps Representative

Connor Holdsworth - Events Representative

AMi regional representatives

David Anderson - Scotland

Matt Harris - Lakes and North West

Andi Turner - Peak District

Kathryn James - North Wales

Jonny Parr - Ireland

Cliff Lowther - North East

Gavin Kelly - South West

Will Kilner - South Wales

Other responsibilities

Rebecca Coles - Media Rep

Andy Newton - Logo and Remit Issues

AMI Mountain Training Board Representatives

Rob Pugh - Mountain Training UK and Ireland

Paul Smith - Mountain Training England

Richard Bentley - Mountain Training Scotland

Andy Newton - Mountain Training Cymru

AMI Workshop Trainers

Alan Halewood - AMI Workshop Trainer

Nick Cannon Jones - AMI Workshop Trainer

Keith Ball - AMI Workshop Trainer

Olly Sanders - AMI Workshop Trainer

Kevin Rutherford - AMI Workshop Trainer

Simon Verspeak - AMI Workshop Trainer

Environmental Working Group

Environmental Working Group - Sam Benson, Mark Foster, Ben Lewis, Ben Francis, Bren Whelan, Mike Raine, Mike Nolan, Mehmet Karatay, Chris Lucas

Equity and Diversity Working Group
(as of December 2022)

Equity and Diversity Working Group - Rachael Crewesmith, Kirsty Pallas, John Kettle, Carole Freeman, Kristine Quayle, Anthony Eccles